Hanna founded Nutri Bites with the desire to prove that quick and easy food can be nice without having to be nasty! In other words, her homemade snacks are convenient and delicious, and yet free of the preservatives found in supermarket equivalents. And what's more, there are also gluten free options, so everyone can enjoy them!


She uses only high quality, fresh ingredients to deliver a great taste without compromising on health. Her delightful, nutritional snacks are ideal for schools looking for healthier options for their students, cafes looking for an edge over the competition and those organising kids' and adults' parties. They go down a treat on a movie night, as a quick, healthy option for busy parents and are perfect tasty titbits for impressing visiting friends (you can even pretend you made them from scratch!).


Hanna's Nutri Bites

Though Hanna now lives a long way from where she was born, it's true to say that, in many ways, she is an apple that did not fall far from the family tree. 


Raised by her grandmother in the north of Brazil, her family's passion has always been food. Hanna spent much of her youth helping in the kitchen and serving customers in her grandmother's restaurant. An uncle also had a restaurant in a nearby city.

Hanna saw her grandmother working long and hard in heat typical of a kitchen in tropical climes, but always with a smile. As she matured, Hanna came to realise that she too had inherited her family's love of cooking; a style of cooking in which using the freshest, healthiest ingredients is key. In the town of Acre, a rural centre in north Brazil, everything is made fresh because there are many more markets than supermarkets. The chief ingredient in many popular dishes is cassava, a root commonly used for making flour. Cassava grows easily in north Brazil and is therefore cheap, not to mention nutritious, filling and gluten free. It is a central ingredient in Hanna's dishes today.

Across in Rio Branco, Hanna's grandfather also ran a popular restaurant. The twist (of lime) here was he was Lebanese, and reknowned for making the best kibes in town, adding yet another string to Hanna's baking bow.

In 2008, Hanna, keen to see more of the world, came to Australia to visit her aunt. She fell in love with the country (and one Australian in particular, who is now her husband), and decided to stay. Now a busy mum of two, she has never stopped exploring her passion for cooking. The launch of Hanna's Nutribites in 2016 means her family tradition lives on here in Australia, which is just another reason to call it the 'Lucky Country'.